Lesson #2 from Kimchi World

안 녕 하 세 요 !

This morning, i only had a piece of red bean bread for breakfast, in fact i wasn’t that hungry. Anyway, i submitted 20 pages of Korean language homework today, had discussion about Ukraine issue in joining NATO alliances, Human Resource Management quiz, and a debate about global warming. It was tough yet it was fun.

I’ve spent time with two Korean girls today. I had this quick lunch (since i had to study) with Suji Lee in Southeast Asian restaurant called “Spoon”. Medium size half cooked egg on top of NASI GORENG was a really delightful Indonesian taste for my lunch. And in the evening i spent my time with my besties Shin Yeong. We sat and had this wonderful conversation in Coffea Coffee where i had bagel and chai latte.

ala Spoon

So, the lesson that i’ve learned today is really important. I realize that we have to face the reality even though it’s unpleasant. People changed. Things are going on around sometimes you just can’t blame the situation. We can’t judge whether is good or is bad, whether it’s nothing or it’s miserable. We should see from further perspective, but after all you’ll just realize how mature a person can be. We will observe more behavior of people as we grown up, as we meet with more people in the world. One thing to be remember: boys are different with girls.Thus, thanks onnie for sharing your experiences which is 100% majayo! You were like a fortune teller 🙂

The next part is hard topic. I was so interested in this anyway so i hope the people from my country, Indonesians, can take lesson from this. Few decades ago (1961-1979), South Korea was led by Park Chung-hee as the president. He was a dictator leader but with a great achievements. Do you know why South Korea can grow up as fast as it is today?

In his era, he was the one who built most of the main road in South Korea. He has made people got jobs and earned more money. He made Korean people developing instead of his dictatorian rule. Even though people had to be home before 11pm during his leadership but he was the one behind the Korean’s rapid economic growth. He focused on export-oriented industrialization. Fyi, South Korea used to be like China, a country which produce a lot of cheap things with low quality. Unfortunately, he was murdered by an insiders in the presidential workers.

Now, Lee Myung-bak is the president of South Korea. Koreans think he has forget what he had promised during the election time. His main goal now is to boost Korean economy in the world although the world is in economic crisis. He keeps pushing the economic growth for example by giving special treatments to big companies such as Samsung. He cares more to those companies than to Korean citizens. Hence, the young generation of Korean now is harder to find a suitable job for them. The cost of living is increasing while the salary that they earned remains same. So, maybe he has to think twice for the Korean’s future.

I think i’ve gotta finished my lesson here today. I need to study for tomorrow’s presentation and finish another assignment. I hope this brief information is useful for you, me, and Indonesia. 😀

Always learn wherever you are and after, you just feel blessful


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