Lesson #3 from Kimchi World

Midnight, almost the end of March, waiting for the cherry blossom to bloom soon. Hopefully to see their beauty before the mid-term exam!

My life lesson today is about the 2nd biggest country (land area) in the world. Yes, China. So what is this about?

First, this song will guide you to my story.

I was just finished pray Isha and read Al-Qur’an, then she came to my room. Yijun, a girl from the largest province in China, Xinjiang. The first time she was only wondering of how i pray. So i showed it to her with my purple “mukena” and then i showed her my holy book ~the Koran/ Al-Qur’an~. She was thinking it’s harder than Chinese character, not for me.

Ja, the issue is all about China in the eye of the world and in Chinese people. If you don’t know this before, wake up! This is such a big issue for them, the Chinese. Have you ever heard about Dalai Lama? What do ya think about him? Well, he’s a peacemaker for most of people (most Western) but he’s a terrorist for them. Why? Because he lives in Tibet, which is considered to be the 2nd largest province in China with Buddhist religion as the majority. Dalai Lama wants to get sovereignty for Tibet and separate from China. Of course that makes the Chinese angry. But according to her USA and other Western countries give Dalai Lama support in order to weakened China. What is the truth then? You answer.

The second issue still about China but relates to area disputes. Have you been to Macau? Hong Kong? Taiwan? Do you think it’s a country? Well, according to her it’s a part of China. Just the same thing like most people don’t know that Bali island is a part of Indonesia. I always make it clear to all my friends. I don’t want the other case happened again such as the “Sipadan-Ligitan” dispute with “you know who”. So, who should be blame for this issue? About Dokdo belongs to Korea or Takeshima belongs to Japan? Sea of Japan or The East Sea? Who should decide it? Only those countries? The world? United Nation? You?

I think this is a very interesting issue which will never be finished any time, if , we, the young generation keep arguing and believing the same thing as the bad past history did. I don’t know how to change such a fundamental belief and mindset like this but i know one thing, this kind of issue should never be happen again if all the future leaders realize there are lots of more important issue and problems in the international world to be discussed and solved. Thus, we, the young generation, should stick on to that kind of perspectives. No matter where do you come from, which alliances do you belong to. We are all human, in one earth.

So, fellas, wanna bring and build better future?

Together let’s bring peace to the world


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