“O wol sa il”…

“O wol sa il” which means April 5th today, but the cherry blossoms haven’t bloom yet. So i’m gonna postpone my trip till next week.

I have two important lessons. Do you know something about the world war II? No matter which country are you from but i think we all believe that it was such a tragedy, an unpleasant history to be remembered. Now, i’ll share with you about Polish- Poland people point of view about World War II (WWII) from my international relations and diplomacy class.

Frankly speaking, they all agree not many people, even nations realize and notice how miserable and suffered Poland were during the WWII. Millions of civil people dead for nothing but greedy war. Despite the fact that small amount of army that Poland had, it had lost so many lives during the war through a massacre. It’s a part of Holocaust. They were powerless even though their country was rich, hence that what makes other nation tried to occupy it. You can read more in google if you are interested to know more because i will only say one keynote from their presentation. Polish will be open minded to any countries nowadays, but history is history. They will always remember it in their deepest part of their heart.

In addition, still about Poland. Have you ever visit Poland? I’ve just found some interesting facts about it.

1. Warsaw university is a huge university but with separated area for each faculty. So it’s not definitely the same as University of Indonesia.

2. Polish word for “pineapple” is similar with Bahasa Indonesia. Ananas= nanas.

3. They don’t have double carbohydrate for their meal. So you will not find any potatoes on top of your pizza!

4. In higher level of education they continue to master degree directly after undergraduate level and it will take them for 7 years in total.

Me (Indonesian), Polish, French, and Canadian.

@Muju bridge ~ lunch time


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