Quality Chit Chat with Roommate ever!

Time shows 12.36 am but recently i just feel more alive at night. In fact i have always been a night girl, which means i prefer to do activities at night. Tonight, strange thing happened, in a good way. I am studying for the final exam for IRD’s class tomorrow but i wanna share this in my blog. I wanna share it to the world.

In fact, i’ve just spent two and a half hours to chit chat with my roommate. She is American which is originally from Pakistan. Our idea was to study together for tomorrow’s exam. However, as the conversation keeps going i just found out more and more interesting things. From her point of view of the new cold war theory by the end of 2012, my effortless sympathy of starvation problem and rebels attack in Africa, ethnic conflicts and genocide in Middle East, October surprise in United States, economic crisis in Europe and the new alliances, South Asia alliances possibility in the future, religious conflict between Palestine and Israel, Bali bombing in Indonesia was 95 % of “US art of work”, and goes on to be a politician and economist. I am studying economics while she is studying politics. What i want to suppress in my post now is, we learn more from sharing. It happened to me plenty of times of this feeling that i cannot expressed after i had a good quality conversation with people. Its just recharging my brain, made me more enthusiastic and realize how multicultural and complex the world is! It creates me not only to travel more, but also to learn each different cultures and issues in more countries, start from my own, Indonesia.

I’m happy to learn something new and i always curious in doing so. In my life, i have never been such a thinker as i do more nowadays. This opportunity that Allah SWT has given to me is very wonderful and therefore i’m really grateful for it. I wish i could do more for myself, my family, and my country. And after i will try to do more for the world. This is not a hollow promise instead of a new goal for my life. I would like to discover more what i should do and what i can. As long as i am alive.

my room mate & I


June 13, 2012


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