Lesson #1 from Kimchi world

Today is a bright sunny day, as the weather forecast said so.

8.45 am, here i am, in my 3rd week since i arrived in South Korea. Yeah, finally i’m starting to create a virtual journal,-called a blog-, which atually i’ve been dreaming for a long time (and i did make it), but it’s just never happening to publish the articles that i’ve made. Now, i believe this is a good day to start my blogging time, not only to upload pictures that i’ve take, but also the stories and valued that i’ve learned. And hopefully, i can share this to everyone in the world. To make myself always remember with my journeys, follow my passion, to be inspired, and be inspiring 🙂

I believe it’s around 6 degrees outside, which is 20 degrees below the normal temperature in Jakarta, the place where i called home. I am so thankful to Allah SWT, my mom and my father (alm.), my big family , and all people that i’ve known in my life, to make one of my dream accomplished. What a fascinating life so far here in Gyeongsan City, Daegu, South Korea! As the first exchange student from Universitas Indonesia to Yeungnam University, i’m very proud to represent Indonesia to my international friends and colleagues. I’m studying management (still) as in back home and hope to be graduate on time.

So, the first lesson that i wanna share with you all is about Korean people. A quote from my friend, “Korean people such a workaholic!” and indeed that’s 100% true. It is a good example though but with exceptions. I’ve seen a lot behaviors and attitudes of the young generation and middle-age people, they are so workaholic. It’s good to be applied when you are working later on but you always have to keep this on mind, work hard for enjoying  your life. Never, ever be stressful of your assignments and responsibilites without end. In fact, this is one thing that i also put into myself and try to carry out in my daily life. It’s just feel better when you finished them all and then have fun with your friends.

To be honest, the real lesson that i wanted to say is gone. Since the idea was in my head for few days ago, unfortunately i didn’t post it at that time. Well, this is why from now on, i’ve added one more mandatory daily task in my lists


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