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“O.. O.. O.. Oppan Gangnam style!” Telat nggak si gw ngebahas soal Gangnam Style, udah bosen ya? Hhe, maklum baru nyentuh internet jadi baru bisa explore soal fenomena Gangnam Style di dunia per-Korea-an. Nggak apa-apa kan gw bahas? sebenernya sih gw nulis ini karena penasaran kenapa bisa lagu PSY dari…

Jade “Chance” (67th years REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA)

  These weeks has been wonderful Ramadhan night everyday! Since i finished my Korean class on Monday, everyday i got a chance to have Ifthar together with friends. From Korean restaurant with 손생님 (my Korean teacher), Indonesian friend’s house~ eating Rendang & Dendeng together (a package from my family from Indonesia), Korean apartment (with new fellas i … More Jade “Chance” (67th years REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA)

Shooting Star!!!!

I supposed to write this post 3 days ago, but i postponed it… Anyway, the title above means the real meaning. So, on Friday night, i prayed together in my friends house after having ifthar together. Actualy i didn’t plan for that but i just suddenly there (^,^) and then we prayed Taraweeh (2×4 ) … More Shooting Star!!!!