Shooting Star!!!!

I supposed to write this post 3 days ago, but i postponed it…

Anyway, the title above means the real meaning. So, on Friday night, i prayed together in my friends house after having ifthar together. Actualy i didn’t plan for that but i just suddenly there (^,^) and then we prayed Taraweeh (2×4 ) and Witr together at the rooftop. I had an amazing feeling at that moment. Subhanallah, what a bless sincerely gift from God, Allah SWT. I looked up to the sky and just admiring the beauty of the peaceful night.

We also had a long deep conversation about religion in the room. So there were us (Indonesians), Turkish, and Korean. We shared each point of view of religion to us. We discussed about hijab for Muslim’s women, Buddhist vs Christian in Korea, etc. (i’ll talk about this in another post). But i’m glad to meet Mr. Park Yongil to hear about his thought and opinions. After 2 hours of talking, we decided to take a walk to the lake. My dormitory is closed at 12.30 but i decided to follow them and sleepover at my friends house. In fact, i made a really good decision. Because i was there, i could’ve seen another shooting star in my life. It was so special, in Ramadhan month, in Republic of Korea.

I also wanna share what i learned from my friends. This quote is from Dr. Gina: people will not stop to search things, that’s why people will seek for answers forever. And another fact about work in Indonesian government office. I would’ve been delighted to speak and talk more if i didn’t have to come back to have Sahri for fasting.

On Saturday and Sunday, i learned a lot from my customers at work. I met a lot of interesting people from kids to grandmother. A boy who studies mechanical engineering who works for her father in a car company, told me his story about Korean education. A man who told me that it is possible to turn on your phone on the plane (i’m still doubtful for this, but this is not the point), and Jin~my supervisor who shared her thought about her generation of Korean future. She thinks that Koreans companies (e.g. Samsung) are international minded enough compared to Japanese companies (e.g. Toyota, Sharp)However, she thinks that Koreans are still follower, most commonly of USA trends. You can’t compare still between Steve Jobs and Lee Kun Hee. Well, her thought alerts me of the future of my country too. So, what can we do next fellas?

At last, i have a conclusion for myself today.

The more I try to speak and get to know new people, the more I feel the thirst of knowledge and the wider my eyes are opened


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