Jade “Chance” (67th years REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA)


These weeks has been wonderful Ramadhan night everyday! Since i finished my Korean class on Monday, everyday i got a chance to have Ifthar together with friends. From Korean restaurant with 손생님 (my Korean teacher), Indonesian friend’s house~ eating Rendang & Dendeng together (a package from my family from Indonesia), Korean apartment (with new fellas i met at work), and another Indonesian friend’s house (having wonderful tempe). The three food that i mentioned (the one in bold style is an origin Indonesian food. To me, it is very special to eat this things here. Rendang is soft chewy beef with brown spice made from coconut sprinkle and lots of traditional spices, so the taste is savory and maybe spicy, -depends how u like it-. While Dendeng is fried beef and covered by red spicy sauce. Both dishes are originally from my hometown, Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. And Tempe is originally from Indonesia. Most foreigners will never know what is this until they try and become crazy for it. It is made from soya bean and you can make various style when cooking tempe. The easiest one but yet still super tasty is to fry it with instant spice. So this is the picture.




Anyway, the real story that i learned this time is related to the title above. Jade is actually a name of a place here. But i made it special cause it has given me a chance to try wild discovery. On Korean National Independence Day (15 August) i worked as the same place before. But, on that day, a lot of customers came and each of them teach me a new life lesson. First, a 10 years old girl who can speak 3 languages fluently (English, Chinese, and Japanese) and really likes to read books. So i asked her dream and she said she wanted to be an author. Second, a 40s woman who really cares about her little son and try to balance the education and entertainment for the son. Third, another 50s woman who gave me the Jade “Chance”. Her short story about her experience in Germany while she were studying there has made her care about my life here. She realized that i’m an exchange student and far away from home. But it doesn’t mean that i have to stay home and just study in campus. “You have to take the chance, learn as much as you can, anywhere, anytime. You are young and has many opportunities, don’t make yourself regret in the future. Time is limited but you can make it worthy if you manage yourself.” I know it sounds simple advise yet indeed it’s true. Just gasping new energy and spirit from her words. So, since this is Ramadhan month, i wish i will have a chance to have another Ramadhan for next and next years…


Moreover, today is Indonesians special day, The Independence Day. My second time to celebrate it not at home, but this time with no ceremony unfortunately. I really wish my country to have a brighter future, to be able to spread education all over the regions, increases the economy performances, preserves more cultural heritages, and for sure to remains the sense of nationality. 


Always proud to be Indonesians

Dirgahayu 67 tahun Republik Indonesia ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤







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