We are (I am) Yeungnamians 나는 영남이안스!



안녕! Alohaaa…



I’m coming back to my school, Yeungnam University. As always, i’ve just met a bunch of new exchange students with different nationality (French, Poland, Ukraine, Chinese, Philippines, etc) and new life has begin again. The most interesting part of this phase is how i met them and then what will it be after few months later. Last summer vacation was awesome, i had wonderful days traveling around Korea and also did part time job. But now, i wanna share my new “lesson learned” from people around me which are wonderful.


I’m taking 6 courses this fall semester + 1 Korean classes 2A level, so that might sounds a little bit busy. But that’s perfectly fine cause i’m here to study. I have set my goals for this semester and i hope by the end of this semester i would be able to make at least 5 of them. From Organizational Behavior (OB) class, i learned some interesting terms that i wanna share with you. Why should we study OB? These days, there are many non-economics students who are also taking this course based on some reasons. OB is an important subject to learn because this is where we can learn people-skill which we can use to manage people well. As a human, we have to be ambiguous but we still have to understand each other. Nothing happened easily in this world, you have to try hard to find miraculous things. 


Management is the process of getting things done through people


and OB is how to understand people and behavior in doing something. I’m glad to be Yeungnamians and to attend this class. I’d love to share more knowledge from my class later on. And for sure when i’ll get back to Indonesia i will be so proud to be UIers.









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