Sometimes, things come when you never expect anything…

Tonight, finally i saw plenty of stars at the sky while i was on my way to home around nine pm. I also saw the light from the aeroplane dim out between the stars. I’m really happy to see it again after a year or maybe more.

I love in capital. It’s easy to see skyscrappers but hard to see stars, even at the clearest night. When i am only lucky, maybe when i really think that ican actually see it. Yeah, that is the thing that i really learn from a friend today. Your thought will determine what you do. Somebody’s words will affect it and then contribute to your decision. you can do anything when you believe in it and start it right now. At the moment.

Humans oh humans. It’s really hardnfor myself to always remind me to share what i have and to get sharing from people. What’s the matter? Time? People? Myself? Maybe all. Please, please me, dear God (Allah SWT) remind me of this feeling every single day. Especially in my ages now.

Ideas come first, inspirations come after. We build our own ship, if we want to create leadership. Be passionate,
Be real,
And be you

today.tonite. ❤




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