Supershow 5


It’s my first time to watch a kpop concert in my city, Jakarta. This time the artist was SuJu/ Super Junior 수퍼 주니어. I feel dejavu as if i was still in Korea after finish watching the concert. But i want to share some pictures with you guys as well as my story about the concert.

I took the standing ticket, so i have chance to see the, closer. There are only eight members out of ten from full member. I knew nobody in SuJu, i am not a fanatic. However, i always enjoy the Korean performers, everything i have watched so far has been a pleasure for me. Okay, before i start my pros and cons about Suju’s concert, i’ll share some pictures…



Now, let’s begin with the pros

1. I love the stage.
The stage was just designed really cool so that everybody in the hall could actually seen them closely. The instruments also went well such as the up and down floor.
2. The lighting has always been the best.
This is like the trademark of each Korean concert. They always try to make us being fascinated with such a fabulous lighting and other effects.
3. And of course their performance.
So far, the Koreans always perform to the max. I mean their stamina deserved to get five thumbs because they could survive for 3.5 hours with a very limited break. The dances were also cool and flawless.
4. People’s ambience.
This one, i don’t why it’s only happening for people all around the world when they watch kpop. I’ve been to other concerts before and nobody scream each personnel’s name as complete as this, etc. But i think it’s just me who haven’t been to so many concerts yet.

And now, lets go to the cons
1. The interpreter.
Oh Koreans, coouldn’t you just trust any Indonesian to be the interpreter. It was really bothering me in the beginning, and maybe for some other peopele as well, to listen to the not so good translation. It’s like she just learn Bahasa for few months and really i prefer if it was just not being translatef. When will you trust Indonesian, dear my lovely Koreans? :p
2. The committe and promotor.
You guys did a great job in many aspects but still you really need improvement. It would have been better if the VIP people already know where they seat are in the online registration before. And you really should fix how to get your tickets process<. The committe should provide TRASH BIN and yes with unique shape will be much better (and i suggest this for every other concert).
3. The placement.
I think the ticket's category and the price were not perfectly suited. For example, standing A was harder to breath while standing B have the full access and get more space. VIP people a.k.a people who paid around two millions rupiah for their ticket, behave so not VIP manner. They were standing so that they were blocking the people who were behind them.

That's it for now.

Come on give me your opinion. thanks!


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