Right before 22

It’s 23.05 now, 3rd October 2013

This week i have learned so many things from health to business. I relly have to concern about my health, balancing my activity and the capacity i have. I have to know when to rest and sleep and eat well (quotes from my friend’s paper on the wall :D). I have so many assignments everyday and then my bad i didn’t start to do it from last week eventhough i knew i would be so busy for the past two weeks. And yeah, i am still busy with my campus life.

Today, as usual i was alone waiting for my bus to come on the street. After waiting for 30 minutes, i started to worry how to go home and i tried to change my mood by visiting a Serabi’s cart, just behind where i sat before. I bought one and then i started to chat with the seller. To my surprise, what a very insightful talk was it. He was the owner of the business and he started it since 2006 in Depok and 2005 in Pondok Indah. Previously, he told me that he has worked in many places including one of the famous hotel in Central Jakarta area. He is actually mastering many Indonesian dishes as well as other international dishes. But then, he was tired of working for people with only little salaries. That’s why he started his own business. From that little business, he said he could bought car, house, and help his brother for his college in UI. I was so amazed by his story. He said,

it’s better to work for small business but firm profit and you can have more freedom

he went through his life by learning from experiences and this is the best for him and his family. Thanks to his story and i wish him success.

I am almost 22 and i am still uncertain about many things. I need to learn, to see, to try, to be brave, and to do more. I am young and i still have many opportunities. This is a beautiful story of a peaceful night, in my special moment, on Thursday night, right before the day i was born. A moment to remember my father as well and to express my gratitde to my mom and my family. And the story will continue again less than in an hour…


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