Happy New Year 2014!

Selamat Tahun Baru 2014!

9.55 @Maison, Indonesia

Wow, it’s really hard to make myself to write in here. It’s been a wonderful year, 2013. Thank you Allah SWT for all the blessings, happiness, and also the reminders for me and my family. Even though, some of my 2013 plans didn’t worked out, but Allah has given me more than i could have expected before. It’s been a year of lovely moments at home here in Indonesia. 

I’ve passed another two years in UI, way little more for graduation time. I’ve spent more time with my family and that’s so amazing! I’ve recap my stuff and my room and that’s cool for me. I’ve made more and more friends, another Korean, French, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, and of course Indonesians. I’ve received a bunch of gifts and a series of different trials of life changing experiences. I’ve eaten such a delicates marvelous food. I still have tons of bizzy buzzy bees flying lightly around my brains garden. It’s telling what i want to do, more. And that is a gift as well.

I’d dedicate this post for myself, as a thing that i would have keep for long time, as a dot in my life. 

Thank you MOM, grandpa, grandma, aunty Upik, aunty, Rinda, aunty Rindi, Uncle Ivan, aunty Ide, aunty Icha, Fakhri, Faza, Rafi, Shifa, Alika, Muti, and all my friendssssss. I really do love to talk with people, it’s always been inspiring me.


And here is just some good pics of 2013!


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