1 day= 24 hours

22 April 2014/ 23.34

Yes indeed.

You can see it from the title, what should ‘we’ are starting to do from now on. Today, i just met my mate from university and she’s just given me some insight.

I am trapped in my own little thought lately, and i’ve been trying to get out of this thought. And of course, meeting people, especially the one that you haven’t seen for a while is such a refreshment. Balancing our work, leisure, socialize, and pray is very important. Undoubtedly i need to hear life stories from other.

Where do we wanna work is actually our own decision and we can take it wherever what we want to go, as long as the faith agrees. Following your heart is as important as listening people’s advices, that’s my opinion. But you can choose, it’s up to you. Be perseverant, have clear mind, and just go on. There are tons of things that we wanna do, but life only permits us to do maybe hundreds of them.

So keep searching, keep fighting, keep inspiring, and be inspired.

Bonne nuit mon amies!


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