AEC Global Forum 2014

Hi, it is May 24rd, 00.09 now 🙂

I am writing from the dorm in Universiti Malaya. I will share about our main plenary session today.

This morning was opened by the prime ministers and (i’ll post the name later) including singing three anthems and official opening by gong. Unfortunately i can’t share all the pictures since my gadget was off in the time i began taking photos.

First speech comes from Mr. Edi Putra Irawadi, the ministry of Small Medium Enterprises (SME) from Indonesia. He stated that the smart, competitive young leader will work anywhere in ASEAN therefore we need to emphasize on human standardization. AEC 2015 is a platform toward one single market, consumer protection, number of entrepreneurs versus national GDP, etc. And he concluded his speech with a quote

We all don’t know who composed the Happy Birthday Song but we all sing it together

Second speaker comes from Malaysia, Mr. Abitra. He points out the AEC is beneficial for ASEAN people to interact more with people in ASEAN. AEC itself is not a goal, but it is a process to integrate and strengthen the cooperation between ASEAN countries. The AEC Global Forum 2014 supports the ideas and real actions of ASEAN young leaders to support

The next session is main summit session. First speaker is Mr. En Roy Darmawan, a representative of Ministry of Economics, Indonesia. He states whether AEC 2015 is a challenge or a threat or an opportunity? Free trade barriers, ATIGA, ATISA,a nd ACIA is being discussed to enrich our knowledge. There are so many terms in AEC therefore, as young leaders, we need to understand or at least knowing them.

Second speaker, Prof. Nazari ismail, Head of Business Policy and Strategy Department, Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya says that it will be silly for us just to think about the economic growth. Normally, when there is economic growth rapidly, it indicates there is a problem in the country. Lessons learnt from the EU crisis teaches us that it was caused by debt crisis. And from US crisis was caused by asset bubble and subprime mortgage. We shouldn’t be pessimist with all these problems that we faced, take an example of huge underemployment is a big problem in Spain.

Furthermore, debt is actually a problem which is very difficult to avoid. He said, “I don’t wanna be so pesimisticm about AEC but we have to prepare lots of things before that.” There are two types of people when it comes for expansion. First people who want to go to opposite market and second people who don’t want their revenues to be steal by foreigners int heir country. It is called double edge problem. The proffesor suggests to change overall framework of business but how can we do that if we are bounded by self serving leaders? This is the homework that we all should do.

Third speaker is Dr. Lily Yulyadi Arnakim who believes that ASEAN is basically a product of complantations. He is joking that ASEAN is all about seating, eating, and nodding. ASEAN is success for making the region resilient even though the question remains is

Are we building a community?

How can we build an environment which is stable, resilient, but yet attractive? The main goal is Equitable Economic Development. We all have interactions but we can’t connect well yet between each others. It is all commanded by capital holders, hence the rich gets richer and poor gets poorer

in order to change the system, we have to discuss freely ~ good system means good people

This is the summary of the first day! I’ll continue with the next days activities.


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