It’s supposed to be yesterday…


Since i came back here, it’s just so hard for me to post anything right-away. I think my procrastination habit is getting worse. However, life’s changing, so does people. This dynamic-to-be thought keeps rotating up and down, in the worst shape and in the greatest moment. I’m sorry to be too philosophic in this post, even though i’m not. What i really want to write is actually i want to keep reminding myself to be grateful, of what i have, what i’ve been through, and what i haven’t been through. Gratitude is as simple as saying thank you, as easy as giving our best smile, and it’s even better with praying and keep believing. I’ve learned through times. Today, i understand more what does it mean by a year. I choose to keep the best scenes in my pocket and it’s nice to have those flashbacks buzz sometimes.

For this 8 months, thanks to ICED ❤ my firstly ever 'prof-' family that have made me become more mature, i guess, i hope. It's been wonderful for the whole experience that i've never mentioned or posted but i've noted instead, somewhere, in me. Have a great year ahead, and keep stunning, to all of us!

Bowling day as closing event

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