ありがとう ございます おかあさん


Thank you mom, for bringing me to such a good drama musical performance. A very entertaining show to wrap up the year. Let me introduce you to ENJUKU.

So, ENJUKU is a theatrical performance, which was founded in 2009 by Japanese major university students in Jakarta.  Every year, ENJUKU performs regularly and in 2015, it’s their 7th performance. The performance always based on the real script and the members create all the costumes, decoration, and music (which is so AWESOME!!). The members should be an active university students, so once they’ve graduated it means they also graduate from ENJUKU. The members practice once a week every Saturday. This year is quite special, because they just begin the “Sakura Zensen Project”, which is a prediction of Sakura blooms from South to North in Japan in 2020. And they’ve succeed perform in Kumamoto-Fukuoka this April 2015. Next year, they plan to perform in Hiroshima and Tokyo.

What makes me so impressed was their props! Yeah, they’ve made a beautiful set of stage, including the lotus flowers, the background and all the details, the costumes (kimono, etc.), the lighting, and the music. And then they’ve also shown us a great story line. I fell in love with the performance, so here’s a present for the Indonesian ENJUKU team. I wish them success in all the following performances ahead…





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