Extreme sports in Colombia

Era mi primera vez que probar extreme deportivo en Colombia

Who thought I was gonna do something out of  my habit, something unusual but actually it has always been deep in my heart, to try extreme sports!

Hace dos semanas, in the last week of August 2016, UNAB troops and I visited San Gil. The itinerary was arranged by my sweet viche tourism ambassador, Joan Belle. We’re lucky to go at that time coz the weather and everything was just beautifully supporting us. 


gear up
We started off from Bucaramanga bus terminal, the one and only in this city, costs about 8.000 COP from Barrio La Floresta, where I live. Heading out early around 6.30 coz we thought the bus will leave at 7.00. Yeah we thought and the bus departed at 7.30.

It’s 3 hours journey with a very sleaky road, but the view was amazing. After we arrived at San Gil terminal de transporte, we took taxi to our hostel which is called Sam’s VIP and it’s only 4.000 COP.  

After dropping our bag, we chose which extreme sport we wanna do in the packages that are provided by the hostel. We’re heading out to the starting point with a minibus provided by the hostel. First, we paid and sign an agreement for those who wanna do Parapente or Paragliding. And off to go!

  1. Rafting

Rio Fonce river is very good for rafter beginners and it’s really fun if you do it with your friends. We met some iguanas, admiring Seibas trees, which aged 100 years. It’s 1,5 hours which was a perfect duration for beginners. Must do activity in San Gil.


team Omar: adelante, alto, atras, apiso, cola afuerta
faces after our first rafting ever!

we can swim there as well
 2. Paragliding

It cos 60.000 COP and it’s a tandem flight. The pilots are certified and some of them has experienced in more than 3 countries. It’s 10 minutes flight but you have to wait for your turn and that’s the most uncomfortable part for me…the landscape was beautiful, the climate was perfect, and the pilot were crazy (jaja lolz) but true coz they spin you round and round. Be read physically but it’s worth it!  

Beautiful weather
All photos credited to Joan Belle 🙂 

Gracias mi Hermanita muy amable!


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