Mi vida en la ciudad bonita con mucho inesperada

Fecha Hoy es Viernes, 9 de Septiembre de 2016 / 10.10pm/ Archie’s

Hace 1 mes y media, no entiendo nada el español. Pero, ahorita, todos los días yo conozco los colombianos y hablo con ellos. 

About 1,5 month ago, I understand nothing in Spanish. But now, everyday I meet the Colombians and talk with them. 

Sekitar 1,5 bulan yang lalu, aku tidak paham sana sekali bahasa Spanyol. Tetapi sekarang, Setiap hari aku bertemu orang-orang Kolombia dan berbincang-bincang dengan mereka. 
Actually, I learned Spanish for one semestre back in 2014 For one semester in University of Indonesia. It was an additional class that I took for pleasure and only one time per week, for 2 hours. The professor was a Spanish and her name was Soraya. I did memorize some words and expressions but was not able to speak and make conversation.

Well, here in Colombia, my main purpose is to learn the language, Spanish (Español) under the Program called ELE Focalae (see my post before). And My profesora here is so amazing, her name is Dilma. Her teaching method has encouraged me to be able to express  sentences like Colombians and make conversations. 

Our class is so full of surprises, one day there was an Asian backpacker in the class, other day two Alemanas, and another day in the market, practicing to buy something or taking hundred of photos ! Within just a short time,my friends in the class and I have known this city, Bucaramanga, quite well. We also had our dancing and cooking class as our additional activities. Moreover, there was a big book festival in my university and there’ll be a big dance festival as well in here. 

I’m excited to know what’s other surprises expecting me afterward and I’m really grateful for that, therefore I still practicing my religion here. And I’m glad to be supported by people around me. 

Entonces, yo quiero escribir a veces de semana. Afortunadamente, mi computador es no me ayudo. Por eso, yo escribiendo en mi celular. 

La ultima, feliz viernes! Buen fin de semana ✈️⛵️🚂🚄🚘 


Clase de cocinar
First day meeting with Team UNAB
movie studio in UNAB


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