Cartagena de Indias, lo que nos es querido siempre queda atrás

I knew that Cartagena is such a touristic place in Colombia, however, it was not one in one of my travel bucket list here. Nevertheless, there’s a cheap airline promotion right directly from Bucaramanga to Cartagena. So simply, me and my friends arrange a trip to this beach destination. 

1st Day

Took a night flight and luckily got a van for us: 11 people! And headed straightaway to our beautiful “casa” chose by lovely Joan. We rented 4 rooms in a house: Castillette De Manga.

2nd Day

At 8.00 started our day, time to get wet. We took  a day tour, which cost 85k per person. First, Vólcan del Totumo, where we took a bath and being massage in a mud pool. It’s 1 hour from Manga area in Cartagena. Entrance fee is 10k but it’s included, just need to pay extra for tips and mud-cleaning service (red: a bath). 


los corazones
“Tibia” means warm
Second,  Playa Blanca in Isla Baru, around 1.5 hours by van. It was almost mid day and it’s SUPER hot in Cartagena. We needed to walk 10 minutes to reach a good spot on the beach. So, once we got there,we ordered mariscos (seafood). It’s quite pricey since it’s a touristic place but the taste was okay (i ordered a lobster)! And watchout it takes almost An hour for the food to be served so you’d better sleep in the hamacas (hammocks) first or play on the beach. The atardecer (sunset) was beautiful from there. We left the beach around 6 to shower at home. *There are shower and even alojamiento (accommodation) on the beach, but we just prefer at home.


praying time on the beach
Day 3

In the morning, we visited Monumentos de Los Zapatos, a cute monument in front of Castillo de San Felipe Barajas, a very historical site. It represents the story between the colonialism of Spanish, France, and England. I suggest you to visit the castle early in the morning or in the evening since the weather is really hot. 


Monumentos de Los Zapatos
in front of Castillo de San Felipe Barajas
Seafood for Lunch
Bocagrande seashore
Chocolate Museum
Torre de Reloj
el centro
Day 4

Flight to home, even though we need to transit to Bogota but it’s quite nice to explore El Dorado Aeropuerto. Btw, the flight only costs around 100k for returns! 

Disfrute Cartagena !!


cartagena aeropuerto Rafael Nuñez


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