Guadalupe Las Gachas, Colombia

One of the hidden gems in Santander region Colombia. To go there you can take a bus to Oiba and then take a jeep from there. But i went there with my friends car and it costs so much less than ever!

Here’s some of the things to remember when visiting Las Gachas:

1. Extra clothes

It’s natural jacuzzis which has no bathroom surrounding by the time i visit there. So bring some changes unless you wanna be cold after dip in one of the holes. You can change in bushes (yes we did this) or in a house of the owner where we park our car (which is 20 minutes walk from the jacuzzi).

2. Food for picnic

Bring food, get ready for picnic. When I visited, October 2016, there was only grill corn and arepa (Colombian salty type pancake). So instead prepare more foods to have more options.

3. Waterproof Bag

If you plan to take photos together and no one will watch your belonging then bring waterproof bag to keep your phone, wallet, etc. There was no locker at all. 

That’s it! The rest you can figure out by yourself (e.g. Don’t forget selfie stick). Here are some photos from my journey.


toll gate (around 7000 pesos)
guadalupe church
walking through meadow
las ondas


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