Mi vida en la ciudad bonita con mucho inesperada

Fecha Hoy es Viernes, 9 de Septiembre de 2016 / 10.10pm/ Archie’s Hace 1 mes y media, no entiendo nada el español. Pero, ahorita, todos los días yo conozco los colombianos y hablo con ellos.  About 1,5 month ago, I understand nothing in Spanish. But now, everyday I meet the Colombians and talk with them.  … More Mi vida en la ciudad bonita con mucho inesperada


ありがとう ございます おかあさん   Thank you mom, for bringing me to such a good drama musical performance. A very entertaining show to wrap up the year. Let me introduce you to ENJUKU. So, ENJUKU is a theatrical performance, which was founded in 2009 by Japanese major university students in Jakarta.  Every year, ENJUKU performs regularly and in … More ENJUKU

Family Love

When we just discover how our family have worked so hard for us to make a living, it’s just an inexplicable feeling. Now i can see what i can’t see 10 years ago. It’s a beautiful wrench, blossoming seeds.


Thu, 4 Dec 2014 This is it! The moment of my life. I’m 23. There’s no other word that i wanna say, just thank you. GIFT, once i used the word for an abbreviation “Gala International For Truro”, a project that we created for Truro people from Indonesian-Canadian Youth. But GIFT means so much to … More GIFT

Loper Koran

Saya jualan koran karena saya paling suka baca koran, jadi saya bisa baca semuanya tiap hari “Hari ini ada beberapa hal yang membuatku tersenyum. Bahagia itu sederhana”